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•      Where is Laura8 Accessories located?
Laura8 Accessories office is located in Bucharest, Romania.

•      How can I contact Laura8 Accessories?
You can send us an e-mail at, phone us (+40 723 381 881) or drop a visit to our showroom in 56 Dacia BLVD, 2nd floor, District 2, Bucharest, Romania.

•      Can catalog items be ordered with different colors configuration?
Please call our team during normal business hours to inquire changes in catalog colors configuration.

•      Is there a broader selection of accessories at the store?
We constantly manufacture new items. Please call our team during normal business hours to update information.

•      How can I order jewelry from Laura8 online catalogue?
Please select the item you want to order and click ORDER button.

•      What is Laura Accessories shipping policy?
Please visit our dedicated section - Delivery Info.

•      What is Laura8 Accessories return policy?
Please visit our dedicated section - Terms and conditions - Return Policy.

•      What is the payment policy?
Please visit out dedicated section - Delivery Info.

•      Where can I ask for advice and have my Laura8 accessory repaired?
We invite you to our showroom together with warranty certificate for the accessory you have purchased and want to be repaired. Also, you can send us an e-mail at where you can explain accessory damage.

•      How can I maintain and avoid damaging my Laura8 accessories?
Each Laura8 accessory is carefully handcrafted. That is why, we recommend to handle your Laura8 jewelry with attention when trying, wearing or cleaning. Put your jewelry on after using cosmetics, perfume or other chemical substances that can stain or be corrosive. When not wearing, please store it away from sun and dust.
Four our leather products, we recommend to avoid product contact with the sun or major heats of humidity sources. For cleaning and removing the stains, please use a non-water based leather cleaner. Use only soft clothes to rub the leather items.

•      Do I need to have my jewelry polished regularly?
Polishing your jewelry is necessary especially when the metal loses its shining. Only polish items which should have a shiny surface. If the piece has a matt, silk or satin finish; do not polish, but you can remove colors stains with a soft eraser. Scratches cannot be treated at home. If you want the finish restored, take it to a specialist.

•      Will I be able to have the size of my Laura8 necklace adjusted at a future time?
We can ensure sizes adjustments for our necklaces, but please call our team during normal business hours to inquire changes.

•      Can I have Laura8 accessories personalized?
We can personalize Laura8 accessories upon request.

•      Do you offer complimentary jewelry cleaning?
Please check our Client Service Care section.

•      Do you design and create custom accessories?
We are custom design specialists and we can adjust Laura8 models in terms of colors, size or elements mix. However, we do not create other models.


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